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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Ultra Compost compare to other bagged compost?
Ultra Compost is a pure food waste compost that is dry, granulated, and chemical free. Our products have no added fillers. Most big box stores carry cheap wood chips ground up and call the product compost. If you see forest products (woodchips) as the main ingredient and the last ingredient as food, mushroom, or manure compost then you are mainly buying ground up woodchips. Many compost also have manure or human waste in them so you want to be very careful not to add that to your vegetables. Ultra Compost has absolutely no manure or human waste in it. Many bagged compost in the stores are at least 50% moisture so you are paying for water and they also become very smelly. Ours bagged compost is completely dried and odor free!

Why not just use the local municipal free compost?
The majority of the time the free compost offered at your local municipality has not gone through a heat process. The cities are trying to do the correct thing by recycling however without the heat process all the chemicals remain. Remember that most cities and homeowners use harsh toxic chemicals to spray their lawns. Our compost is heated up to 165 degrees and left there for three months. The heat process insures all insects, pathogens, weed seeds, etc. are killed. The heat process also sterilizes to ensure there is no chemicals left. If this is not done you will have a garden or lawn filled with bad bacteria, weeds, insects and chemicals. The chemicals left can kill your plants. The heat process in composting also helps break down the material so it is finer.

Can I use my fertilizer spreader for your compost?
Ultra compost is crumbled down, dry and a very even consistency product which makes it great to use in the spreaders for your lawns. You can even put it in a hand held spreader for smaller areas.

I have my own compost can I also use yours?
Yes, our compost will make a great starter for yours because it already has microbial activity. It is also great to boost your existing compost. Backyard composting can be messy and difficult to spread however it is a great way to recycle your food waste. If you are composting yourself make sure to have the correct parts of leaf, wood, and food waste. Remember the heat process is key! If composting is not done correctly it can harm your plants.

Why do you add in Biochar?
Biochar is a powerful soil enhancer that adds and holds carbon making soils more fertile. Biochar is charcoal used as a soil amendment. Amending soils with Ultra Compost has a unique ability for attracting and holding moisture, retains nutrients locking them into soils. Most importantly enhancing crop yields naturally. Biochar is stable, rich in carbon and can endure in soils for hundreds to thousands of years. We have the capability of making our own biochar.