Concentrated Compost Crumbles - One Bag Equals 2.5 Bags of the Competitors! INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING
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An all in one soil enhancement that is 50% Biochar blend inoculated with premium organic food compost, biology, and minerals.  Biochar is a stable solid rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for hundreds of years. Many benefits are related to the extremely porous nature of biochar. It is found to be very effective at retaining both water and water soluble nutrients.   Biochar can improve water quality, reduce nutrient leaching, reduce soil acidity, and reduce irrigation and fertilizer requirements.

  • 1/2 cubic foot
  • Acts as a sponge for increased water retention.
  • Perfect for drought areas.
  • Increases the number of beneficial soil microbes.
  • Makes soils more fertile.
  • Great for lawns, vegetable gardens, flowers, potted plants, and bushes.
  • Indoor/Outdoor use.
  • Pet Safe.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Sustainably produced.


  • ½ cubic foot covers 288 sq. ft. or 17 sq. ft. garden space.
  • Spread on top of soil and till into root zone.
  • Store in cool, dry location.

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